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Traditional gas boilers are being fazed out and fast, as biomass boilers take their rightful place as the new master of efficiency. These A-rated boilers are both environmentally friendly and great value for money, particularly when combined with the current incentives like the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

What Is A Biomass Boiler?

In short, biomass boilers are a type of renewable heating system that supply your property with heating and hot water. Unlike traditional oil and gas burners, they are fuelled by biomass fuel which creates Biomass energy.

What Is Biomass Fuel?

Biomass and bioenergy is basically the result of anything organic that’s burned to create biomass fuel, electricity or heat. Meaning, we can create energy out of food waste too!

In the case of domestic biomass burner, energy and heat is created from wood pellets, logs or wood chips. You can learn more about biomass energy including all its benefits and our previous installation by clicking here.

How Do Biomass Boilers Work?

Biomass Boilers burn either logs, wood pellets or wood chips to generate heat to your property and will work in conjunction with your existing heating system and provide hot water too.

Biomass fuels are fed into a combustion chamber inside the biomass boiler, through a hopper. A hopper is the name for the storage container for the biomass wood pellets. A fully automated hopper is the most convenient way to run a domestic biomass boiler, because it feeds the combustion chamber at scheduled times.

Biomass burners can also be controlled via a semi-automated hopper, these work similarly to the automated versions, however they require intervention in the form of frequent refilling of the containers. Therefore, they are better for properties with less storage space.

Finally there are manual systems which are the most cost effective biomass boilers but do work out to be the most effort. The biomass pellet is replaced with logs which need to be hand fed into the filling chamber.

Once the biomass pellets are burned, they create hot gas, which travel through a flue where they go through a heat exchanger. From there, the water gets heated up and circulates around the home to your radiators and taps. Biomass renewable heating systems allow you to take complete control over how you heat your property, choosing to heat the entire house, or just one room.

Cost Of Biomass Boiler

It’s important to know that, although Biomass boilers cost more upfront, the long term savings mean they are far better value for money. Biomass boiler installers should also be able to integrate a Biomass pellet boiler with your existing central heating system, utilising pipes that are already in place.

Biomass boiler installation in an average size property costs anywhere between £10,000 to £18,000. However, compared to standard electric heating, a biomass boiler can save up to £600 a year on your fuel bill.

Biomass boilers are eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme, which typically would attract earnings of £1,500 per year for an average house with annual heating output of 25,000 kWh.

What Are The Advantages Of Biomass Boilers?

  • Cheaper way of producing heat than fossil fuel and electric equivalents
  • Long term, biomass boilers installation and running costs will drop further
  • Reduce your carbon emissions
  • Can apply for the Renewable Heat Incentive, to earn back money for generating renewable heat
  • Option to tailor the biomass boiler to your individual home’s needs, including heating single rooms and underfloor heating
  • Cost efficient and highly-reliable

Maximise Your Renewable Energy System

The government recently announced that gas boilers in new-build homes will be banned from 2025 and completely phased out in the years following that.

If you’re looking to heat your home with minimal amount of CO2 and a cheaper running cost overall, then a biomass boiler could be for you.

At Hero, we provide a greener alternative whilst you reduce your annual bills and increase your energy efficiency rating. There’s never been a better time to get a quote for your renewable energy solution, with so many options available, we are sure to find the best suited system for you and your property.

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