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Are you fed up of falling victim to the increasing costs of energy suppliers? Or are you looking to take a step towards reducing your households carbon footprint? Then domestic solar panels could be the answer for you, an as one the leading renewable energy solutions provider, Hero are on hand to provide you with the information you need to know.

There is a whole range of benefits that come hand in hand with solar energy, from reduced monthly bills to playing your part in looking after the environment. So, if you have you been thinking of installing solar panels in your home, what’s holding you back?

If you still haven’t thoroughly warmed to the idea of solar energy? We have shared the four key benefits of installing domestic solar panels in your home.

Reduce Energy Bills

With ever-rising energy costs, it can be difficult to get a grip on how much we spend on energy bills every month. By stepping off the grid and installing domestic solar solutions, you can reduce your monthly energy bills significantly with many homes reducing their electricity spend up to 50%.

Solar panels will still produce energy even during the winter and on cloudy days, although they are most active during the summer. So, on those cold winter days, you can cuddle up in the warmth, guilt-free and without the worry of going over your spending limit.

Make Money from Domestic Solar Panels

Alongside the benefit of reducing energy costs, by installing solar panels in your home, you can also benefit from making money. The promotion of renewable energy sources has been ongoing in the UK for many years now. And if your solar solutions make more energy than your household needs, then you could be poised to take advantage of a range of government and private incentives in place.

Offering households, the opportunity to receive a certain amount of money for each unit (kilowatt per hour) they produce and for the extra power they sell back to the grid.

Discover some of the government schemes available here.

Solar Panels are Low Maintenance

Following the installation of solar panels, the running of your Domestic Solar Panel System requires very little maintenance. The technology surrounding green energy solutions has improved over recent years, meaning that solar panels are now built to last.

Besides the occasional clean, this no-fuss solution requires very little attending too. There is no need to switching on and off, virtually no adjusting and there is little or no cost after the initial set-up.

Lower Your Carbon Footprint with Domestic Solar Solutions

Among a whole host of benefits, one of the keys plus points of installing solar solutions is that it’s an entirely renewable source.

By generating solar energy, you will significantly reduce your carbon footprint. In comparison to its fossil fuel competitors, solar power is in no threat of running out. Unlike other forms of fuel (like oil, coal and fossil fuels), the sun isn’t going to run out anytime soon!

Increase your household’s sustainable approach to energy consumption while also helping to play your part in the fight for a more sustainable world, with the power of domestic solar panel solutions Scotland.

At Hero Renewables we are a first-class provider and installer of renewable technologies, offering our award-winning service and products to aid the UK’s transition to a green future.

Give our team a call today to find out which renewable energy product is most suited for your home on 0808 222 0 111.

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