Hero Renewables was born out of frustration with the construction industry that witnessed a lack of supply for Renewable energy. Since our inception we have strived to maintain the highest level of service and quality. Renewable Energy is the future and reality for us all, as one of the founding companies still operating since the green revolution in heat pumps, we are best placed to serve you and your homes renewable heating and power requirements.

Over the years, Hero Renewables have been winning multiple awards and achieved many milestones. When the business first started in the summer of 2013, Hero Renewables was just a local business trying to make the world a greener place. Since moving to our new head office in the heart of Cheshire, the Hero team have taken the renewable sector by storm, achieving multiple awards, such as the Cheshire business award in 2015 and the National renewable heat incentive installer of the year in 2017 as well as sending over 10,000 quotations and putting an Air source heat pump on a boat. Our ever-expanding team are still pushing to be the best renewable energy company in the UK as we continue to work hard to help meet global emission targets.

What is Our Mission?

We are renewable energy specialists based in Middlewich, on a mission to deliver renewable energy systems across the whole of the UK. Hero Renewables was founded in 2013 and born with a passion to deliver businesses and homeowners with the best heating and power solutions. Over the last 8 years, our business has developed a strong client and business partnership base across a variety of sectors.

At Hero Renewables we pride ourselves in giving our customers a free site survey instead of a direct sales approach. We spend time finding out not only what the maths of your property’s heat demand is, but also how the house has been lived in and used, giving us a greater understanding of our customer needs for a renewable system. This way we can ensure that the system installed is tailored to the property and its demands, plus having the satisfaction that the customer is pleased with the product.

Receive your free feasibility study by filling in the Quick Callback Option at the bottom of the page, to speak to one of our expert team members who will provide you with a dedicated project manager.