Viridian Solar
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Viridian Solar

Roof Integrated Solar PV

Favoured especially by housing developers and self-builders alike. The Clearline Fusion range from Viridian Solar is one of our favourite in-roof systems, because of its sleek design, building integrated PV solution.

Whether you are in the process of a developing a new-build, or simply refurbishing your old roof, the Clearline Fusion package brings a highly rated panel and roof integration all in one product.

There are a range of panel options available which we will size to match with your roofing requirements, the roofing kit is able to integrate into all different roof types, whether you’re going with slate, tile or any other roofing style.

To Request a quote for your Viridian Solar System, Contact Us Today.

Why Choose Clearline Fusion?


At Hero Renewables we see every roof as an opportunity, after all, why would you not want to future-proof yourself against rising energy costs by generating free electricity for decades to come, all whilst adding value to your property. By installing roof integrated solar not only will you save money on additional tiling, but you’ll also receive Feed-In Tariff payments for 20 years, as well as savings for the remaining life of your system. As opposed to On-Roof PV arrays, integrated solar does not need to be removed to carry out any maintenance work on tiles, ensuring an even greater return on investment.


Viridian Solar’s Clearline Fusion range all come with a product warranty of 10 years, which includes the water-tightness of the system. The power warranty for the panels is 90% efficiency over 10 years, and 80% efficiency over 25 years.

Seamless Integration

Sometimes it’s good to stand out, but when it comes to Solar PV the best systems out there are ones that do not take away your homes character, but instead deliver all of the benefits, with no visual intrusions. The patented connection between panels provides an air tight secure fixing that has a market leading gap of only 5mm between rows and 30mm between columns.



Power –  260W

Average Panel Efficiency – 16.6%

Rated Voltage – 30 V

Rated Current – 8.7 Amps

Size – 1640mm (64.5 in) Length / 992mm (39in) Width

To Request a quote for your Viridian Solar System, Contact Us Today.