Underfloor Heating
Award winning energy efficient Underfloor heating design, supply and installation from Hero Renewables.
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Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating Is The Perfect Combination For Your New Renewable Heating System

Preparing for the future has never been so important, by installing wet underfloor heating into your home or business, not only will you experience warmth like never before, you’ll be saving on your energy bills for years to come.


Hero Renewables have vast experience designing and installing wet underfloor heating to work in conjunction with renewable heating systems, our team of in-house designers will provide bespoke drawings fit to meet every one of your personal requirements no matter what the project. For extra piece of mind, we do not sub-contract any of our work, which allows us to maintain the highest quality installations our clients have come to expect.

To request a quote for your Underfloor Heating System, contact us today.

How Does Underfloor Heating Work?

Underfloor heating comes in all different shapes and sizes, so it can be difficult when choosing the right system for your project. It’s for this reason that we only ever recommend installing wet underfloor heating as electric underfloor is costly, inefficient and not environmentally friendly.


Underfloor heating works similarly to your conventional radiators, but instead of distributing high temperature water through a small surface area in your radiator, it uses heat transfer fluid at lower temperatures over a larger surface area. Because of the lower flow temperatures, typically around 35-45°C, they work perfectly with heat pumps, providing you with the ultimate low cost, high efficiency system. Underfloor Heating provides radiant heat as it heats objects directly which is more effective, radiators on the other hand is heats using convection which is inefficient as heat is lost more easily through windows and walls.

Why Should I Install Underfloor Heating?

Running Costs

When paired with a heat pump, you are able to achieve extremely low running costs when compared to conventional radiator distribution. The example costs below show exactly how much extra you could save by choosing Underfloor Heating.

Fuel Source kWh Provided Per Unit Of Fuel Efficiency Of System (%) Units Consumed By House (kWh) Price Per Unit Of Fuel (£) Units Consumed Per Annum Cost Per Annum (£) CO2e Emissions Per Annum (kg)
Air Source Heat Pump With Radiators 1 per kWh 332 6928 0.16 6928 1108.48 1323.25
Air Source Heat Pump With Underfloor Heating 1 per kWh 403 5707 0.16 5707 913.12 1090
Ground Source Heat Pump With Radiators 1 per kWh 370 6216 0.16 6216 994.56 920
Ground Source Heat Pump With Underfloor Heating 1 per kWh 460 5000 0.16 5000 800 740


As Underfloor Heating requires far less energy to maintain your homes temperature, not only are you making savings on your utility bill, you’ll be cutting your carbon emissions drastically. As all of our renewable heating technologies come with remote monitoring, it is also down to you to manage your impact on the environment, installing renewable energy is only the first step in becoming energy conscious.


Underfloor heating piping is predominantly made up of 16mm plastic piping which is connected up to a manifold. Because of these basic components there is very little go go wrong in an Underfloor System, the warranty for our Underfloor Heating pipes are 50 years, every other component in the system is guaranteed for 10 years.

To request a quote for your Underfloor Heating System, contact us today.