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Hero Renewables Are Proud Premium Accredited Installers Of SunPower Solar Panels

Over their years of service to the Solar industry, SunPower have earned a highly reputable status through manufacturing the highest quality panels on the market, which are known for their reliability and endurance.

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Why Choose SunPower Panels?

Proven Technology

  • SunPower have been manufacturing their high end panels for over 30 years across homes, businesses and even satellites across the globe and beyond! There are over 7 million SunPower panels currently generating free electricity from the sun, and that number is growing.


  • SunPower panels have the longest warranty in the solar industry, their confidence in the reliability and endurance of their panels really shines through and gives you that extra piece of mind for the years of safe investment to come. The warranty covers both the panel itself and the power efficiencies for 25 years, whether its re-movement of panels, replacement shipping, installation or cell failure you will be covered. The panels output is guaranteed to retain 87% of its efficiency over the entire course of 25 years, ensuring that you will receive the maximum amount of Feed-In Tariff and savings over the life of your system.

SunPower Maxeon Cell

The SunPower Maxeon Cell is made up of three main components.

Solid Copper Backing

Solid copper backing adds greater strength to the cell, avoiding cracking and fighting against corrosion.

No Gridlines

The top of the cell is designed with no gridlines to minimise reflected light, this allows the cell to capture light which would otherwise have been reflected. This also provdes greater aesthetics and gives the panel a sleek, minimal look.

Thick Connectors

The inclusion of thick connectors which adapt to the changing environment enable the panel to withstand sudden temperature changes, whereas generic panels will lose efficiency as the temperature increases, the maxeon cell’s built-in strain relief withholds its higher efficiency.

Dedication to sustainability

SunPower were the first manufacturer to become Cradle to Cradle Certified Silver, for their environmental approach to manufacturing within their global operations.

Not only do SunPower empower customers to reduce their global footprint, as a company they are also dedicated to reduce their own impact on the environment with ecological advances in the manufacturing process of their panels.



The X-Series from SunPower features two panels, the Signature All Black X21 (335 Watt) and the X21 (345 Watt).

X21 All Black 335 Watt

Nominal Power – 335 W

Avg Panel Efficiency – 21.0%

Rated Voltage – 57.3 V

Rated Current – 5.85 Amps

Size – 1558mm (61.3 in) Longside / 1046mm (41.2 in) Shortside

X21 345 Watt

Nominal Power – 345 W

Avg Panel Efficiency – 21.5%

Rated Voltage – 57.3 V

Rated Current – 6.02 Amps

Size – 1558mm (61.3 in) Longside / 1046mm (41.2 in) Shortside

To Request a quote for your SunPower Panels, Contact Us Today.