PV Accessories
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PV Accessories

Get The Most Out Of Your PV System

There are plenty of ways to compliment your Solar PV array, we have selected some of our favourite add-ons that we believe will allow you to make the most out of your investment. With Solar Panel systems proving to last well over 30 years, and your payments from the Feed-In Tariff lasting 20 years, it is vital to ensure your panels are performing to their maximum in order to make as many savings and earnings as possible.

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OWL Intuition Monitoring

OWL Intuition Monitoring

OWL Intuition Monitoring Cloud Based PV Monitoring is a system which can be retrofit onto your existing PV array or installed alongside your new solar panel system.

Remote monitoring is for the energy-conscious and savvy PV consumers. By gaining access to live data about how your Solar PV system is performing you can alter your own usage to benefit the most of the free energy your panels are generating.


Immersion Controller

Divert surplus energy generated by your panels to your hot water tank to make huge additional savings.

Typically, you will only be around to use around 50% of the energy generated by your panels. Instead of exporting all that extra energy to the grid for somebody else to use, it is in fact possible to divert that extra electricity to an immersion in your hot water tank, storage heaters and/or electric underfloor heating.

Because the immerSUN is a separate addition to your current system, it can be retrofit no matter what inverter you have in place, you are able to make up to £250 extra per year, with no detrimental impact on your Feed-In Tariff payments.


Key Features

  • Remote monitoring
  • Trusine power control technology
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Built in timer
  • Manual boost function
  • 3 year product warranty

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