Panasonic Solar PV | Chesterfield
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Panasonic Solar PV | Chesterfield

About This Project

Chesterfield is the home of this very stylish 5.39KW Panasonic on roof Solar PV System. A familiar comment from our client reported high electricity bills for domestic usage and his concerns in wishing to run a home office meant the energy bills were going to ever increase. The Gentleman wanted a quality product which could be trusted and he decided on the tried and tested household name that is Panasonic.


After a structural inspection we identified the roof to be suitable for an installation and having established the available roof area and given having given consideration to shading our team were more than confident that their expertly executed installation would provide enough power to accommodate power to the house, the office and with also having an Immersun unit installed, it meant that there was capacity to export some of the generated power into the clients Immersun water heater.


Hero Renewables employees completed this installation within two working days without any disruption to the client`s home or office and a full monitoring system allows the family to look into real time performance which allows them to use the energy generated by the Solar PV system in the best possible way.


The Feed in Tariff pays this client for every KW of power generated even if the family do not use all of the generated power. This payment is tax free, index linked and guaranteed for twenty years, our client was delighted by this news and then even more delighted when we told him that he also gets paid an Export Tariff for power that he does generate and he does use, this payment is not metered so even if the client uses all of his power he will still get a payment based on half of his generated power which gives him a further payment on top of the system generated payment which amounts to hundreds of pounds a year for our Derbyshire Solar Photovoltaic Panasonic system client.

Technologies Installed

5.39 kW Panasonic Solar PV System