Ground Source Heat Pump | Ayreshire
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Ground Source Heat Pump | Ayreshire

About This Project

Our client who lives in the beautiful parish of Dailly in Ayreshire, Scotland describes his property as “A Big Old House by the River”, it may be old but it certainly is no longer cold as the 28KW Ground Source Heat Pump system which Hero designed and installed has ensured a cosy environment for the family. We excavated out parallel trenches for a slinky collector system which all connected up to a below ground manifold and then extended up through the formal gardens to the new plant room designed to accommodate the renewable technology in the existing stone potting shed.


The home owner was without heating and hot water for just one day and the whole system was completed in under three weeks by Hero employees. The Hero HCS-PN60 twin heat pump system will save the homeowner over 70% on their heating and hot water costs and will be eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive Payments for seven years which will more than cover the initial capital outlay by year five and the client will receive tax free, index linked quarterly payments for seven years and the sophisticated renewable technology has a life expectancy of twenty years.


When asked by Hero recently to kindly allow a perspective client give him a call and discuss his installation, his very words to the client were “It does exactly as it says on the tin!”


Another successful renewable installation by Hero Renewables.

Technologies Installed

28kW Hero HCS-PN60 Ground Source heat Pump