Panasonic HIT
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Panasonic HIT

Panasonic is a household name you can trust to deliver exceptional quality

Aside from making televisions and a plethora of other electronics, over the past 42 years Panasonic have spent unprecedented time and money into developing their Solar Panels for domestic and commercial scale Solar PV solutions.

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Why Choose Panasonic HIT panels?

Key Features


The Power Panel


The most recent Panasonic HIT panel to reach the market is the N330/N325, which measures only 1.6m² making it one of the smallest panels on the around, but also one of the most powerful, with each panels max output at 330W it outperforms most other panels of that size by a quarter.




All Panasonic HIT panels come with a 25-year product guarantee and a 25 year power warranty, which guarantees a maximum drop in efficiency of only 20%.


Heterojunction (HIT) Technology


The panasonic solar cell contains innovative heterojunction technology which consists of two layers; One being a thin monocrystalline silicon wafer and the second being an amorphous silicon layer. The thinner the layers, the more efficent the panel becomes.




The panel also contains a drainage frame which helps keep moisture out of the inner cell and also prevents borders from drying up, maintaining the panels maximum efficiency.


Surface Treatment


Every single panel receives treatment which directs the sunlight directly into the panel which allows more energy to be generated by the panel.


Increased Efficiency


The state of the art cell also has an extra busbar which allows the generated electricity to travel a shorter distance therefore allowing less losses to be made.


Panel Models


N 330

Power – 330 W

Average Panel Efficiency – 19.7%

Rated Voltage – 56.3 V

Rated Current – 4.54 Amps

Size – 1590mm (63 in) Length / 1053mm (41.5 in) Width


N 325


Power – 325 W

Average Panel Efficiency – 19.4%

Rated Voltage – 55.9 V

Rated Current – 4.50 Amps

Size – 1590mm (63 in) Length / 1053mm (41.5 in) Width

To Request a quote for your Panasonic HIT Panels, Contact Us Today.