Mechanical Ventilation & Heat Recovery
Award winning energy efficient MVHR solutions to meet your needs from Hero Renewables.
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Mechanical Ventilation & Heat Recovery

Let Your Home Breathe

With stricter building regulations coming into place new build projects are being forced to become more energy efficient, one of the easiest way to achieve this is to make buildings more air-tight, therefore lowering the heat loss. Although this is great for lowering the heat load of a property, it creates issues in the flow of air. By installing Mechanical Ventilation & Heat Recovery into your home you are able to eliminate stuffiness, condensation, pollutants, odours and overheating.

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How Does Mechanical Ventilation & Heat Recovery Work?

Mechanical Ventilation & Heat Recovery (MVHR) systems extract warm, damp air from the home and transfers this with fresh ambient air from the outside. The warm air from inside is extracted and passed through a heat exchanger to recover heat energy before being released outside. Incoming fresh air is passed through a separate heat exchanger which is then pre warmed or cooled and pumped into the property.


MVHR systems tend to consist of concealed ducting in ceiling voids leading to a heat exchanger unit located in the loft or dedicated empty space. Automatic boost settings can be applied when cooking or using the bathroom to extract and disperse excessive moisture, but of course an inspection from an Emergency plumbing team would be necessary.


You will undoubtedly find MVHR units in all Passivhaus and low energy building designs, when paired with an ultra efficient heat source such as a Heat Pump, it is possible to reach the lowest heating costs achievable.

Why Should I Install Mechanical Ventilation & Heat Recovery?

Running Costs

In most new build properties, it is usually the case that MVHR will lower the heat demand of your property by 50%. The cost of running an MVHR unit is usually around £200 a year. Correct design is essential for maximising your savings, we are able to consult and deliver on the best means for you to reach as close to net zero energy costs as possible.



The less heat you require to create a warm comfortable home for you and your family, the more you’ll be reducing your carbon emissions. Aside from fuel savings, the benefits of creating a fresh, pure living environment can work superbly in keeping you and your home healthy for years to come.



MVHR systems require very little constant maintenance as they are running 24/7 around the clock to keep your home purified. Aside from cleaning out the dirt collector a couple of times a year, MVHR units are relatively low maintenance, with typical systems lasting over 20 years, and guaranteed for at least 5, they are an extremely low maintenance high reward home efficiency improvement.



By installing an MVHR unit into your new build home it will aid you in achieving a higher score in SAP Q, and to meet Building Regulations Part F & L.

To request a quote for your Mechanical Ventilation & Heat Recovery System, Contact Us Today.