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The product of years of research and development, our Ground Source Heat Pump units are built upon groundbreaking innovations

In February 2018, Hero Renewables released a new, cutting-edge range of GSHP units. They are inverter-driven and cater for the domestic and small-scale commercial UK market. For each of these units, there are two models available:Heating (H) and Heating & Cooling (HC).

To Request a quote for your Hero Classic/Elite, Contact Us Today.

Why choose a Hero GSHP?

Key Features


Remote monitoring

Remote Monitoring is included as standard on all of our Hero GSHP units, so ensuring your home remains the perfect temperature has never been easier. You can control your heating using a mobile phone or tablet from anywhere in the world, and receive alerts if there is ever a problem with your system. We can monitor all of our systems from our offices, meaning that if there is ever an issue with your heat pump, a Hero Engineer may even know about the problem before you do.

Copeland Inverter and Scroll Compressor

The World renowned and multi award winning brand Copeland offers an integrated Heat Recovery system allowing levels of efficiency and endurance never seen before in a Heat Pump.

Alfa Laval Heat Exchangers

Unparalleled heat transfer efficiency through evaporation and condensation applications in one compact unit. Self-cleaning mechanism and asymmetric channels provide the lowest CO2 footprint and longest lifespan.

Cooling Capability

Hero’s Ground Source Heat Pumps have the ability to provide passive and active cooling, although to receive Renewable Heat Incentive payments you are only allowed to design the heat pump for passive cooling.

Low Noise

Ground Source Heat Pumps have very little moving parts other than the internal compressor, therefore, noise output is very similar to that of a kitchen fridge. Our market leading noise reduction enables flexible plant room location.


If a commercial premises has a high demand for heating and hot water, then an effective solution is to link a number of modular ground source heat pumps together in a cascaded system to meet the heat load of the property. We are able to cascade up to 6 units to deliver up to 150 Kilowatts of heat demand.

Hero Elite

The Hero Elite houses a unique integrated Hot Water Cylinder. Excess heat from the standard refrigeration cycle is diverted around an additional cylinder coil which heats the integrated cylinder. This avoids wasting precious heat, whilst increasing the efficiency of the system.


To Request a quote for your Hero Classic/Elite, Contact Us Today.