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Making the transition to a sustainable home is something that should be accessible for everyone, and now it is. Hero Renewables are proud to offer our lowest rate of finance ever, available for all our renewable technologies.


At 5.9% APR, our finance option provides our customers with the ability to spread the cost of a renewable system over a maximum 10-year period; however, we recommend our customers to check these Top Tips For Easy Payday Loan Approval first. You are able to make accelerated payments in addition to your minimum monthly repayment at no penalty to enable you to reduce the total amount of interest and the term of the loan.

Typical Example
Deposit (25% of System Cost): £2,212.50 System Cost: £8,850.00
Rate Of Interest (APR): 5.9% Finance Term (months): 120
Interest Rate: 5.9% Minimum Monthly Payment: £73.36
Total Amount Payable (Including Deposit): £11,015.22


If we said you could save your company astronomical amounts on fuel bills, with no upfront costs, you’d probably think we were telling fibs. But by switching to an alternative fuel source, or by generating your own electricity, not only will you bolster your company’s green credentials, but you’ll have more money to reinvest into your business.


With an asset finance option you are able to fund 100% of the installation cost with 0% up-front deposit required. Payments can be made over a period of 1 to 5 years, by either fixed payments, variable payments or a staged arrangement.



You have probably heard or seen different variations of rent-a-roof schemes flogging free solar panels with no up-front costs. In these scenarios a private investor will offer you a free system, where they claim 100% of the Feed-In Tariff payments in return for providing you with all the free electricity generated by the PV system, which they own.


The truth is, not only can rent a roof schemes cause a huge headache when reselling your property, why would you not want to claim quarterly, tax free payments for 20 years? Our finance option provides the perfect balance for people not wishing to part with the capital outlay upfront, but still want to claim 100% of the incentives.