Air Source Heat Pumps
Hero renewables offers award winning energy efficient and a wide range of heating and hot water solutions from a range of Air Source Heat Pump manufacturers to meet your needs.
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Air Source Heat Pumps

Even Cold Air Can Heat Your Home Or Business. Find Out How You Can Channel This Into Your Property

Hero Renewables are experts in Heat Pump technology. Whether you invest in our expertly designed Hero Boxair, or the cheaper but incredibly cost-effective Mitsubishi Ecodan Air Source Heat Pump, you can rest assured you have the backing of a brilliant team of engineers who will guide and support you through every stage of your project. We only install MCS accredited products to ensure our customers are able to claim the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments in full.

To Request a quote for your Air Source Heat Pump System, Contact Us Today.

How Do Air Source Heat Pumps Work?

Not to be mistaken with an air conditioning unit, an Air Source Heat Pump looks similar aesthetically, but in fact uses a highly efficient refrigeration cycle to transfer energy from the latent air outside, into water to power your central heating and hot water supply.


Heat is collected using a fan to direct the flow of air over a copper coil containing a refrigerant.


The heat contained in the air boils the refrigerant and turns it into a vapour. This vapour is then compressed which brings it’s temperature up to around 100˚C.


The heat from this vapour is finally passed through a heat exchanger which heats up the water in your hot water cylinder, which is then distributed either by underfloor heating or oversized radiators.

Why Should I Install An Air Source Heat Pump?

Running Costs

Air Source Heat Pumps are only beaten on running costs to a Ground Source Heat Pump, as air temperature fluctuates seasonally the Air Source Heat Pump will have to work harder in the winter months to extract energy, whereas the ground stays at a more constant temperature. With the correct amount of insulation, whilst paired with underfloor heating or oversized radiators, an Air Source Heat Pump will provide you with affordable, sustainable comfort, all year round. We design our systems to last a minimum of 20 years, over this time the efficiency of the system will not drop.

Fuel Source kWh Provided Per Unit Of Fuel Efficiency Of System (%) Units Consumed By House (kWh) Price Per Unit Of Fuel (£) Units Consumed Per Annum Cost Per Annum (£) CO2e Emissions Per Annum (kg)
Heating Oil (Kerosene) 10 per litre 90 25300 0.43 2530 1087.90 7489
Natural Gas 1 per kWh 90 25300 0.04 25300 1012 5287.7
LPG 6.6 per litre 90 25300 0.36 3833 1379 6122.6
Electricity 1 per kWh 100 23000 0.16 23000 3680 11891
Air Source Heat Pump With Radiators 1 per kWh 332 6928 0.16 6928 1108.48 1323.25
Air Source Heat Pump With Underfloor Heating 1 per kWh 403 5707 0.16 5707 913.12 1090


Not only will an Air Source Heat Pump save you money on your monthly utility bills and help the environment, they can yield a unique return on investment unlike any other. For investing in an Air Source Heat Pump, you will be able to claim Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments that last 7 years in a domestic dwelling, or 20 years for a commercial, public or industrial premises. Set up by the UK Government to subsidise homeowners and businesses who are looking to cut their carbon emissions, the domestic RHI for Air Source Heat Pumps currently pays 10.02p/kWh and the commercial tariff 2.57p/kWh.

Year Electricity kWh Cost kWh To Run Pump Projected Running Cost Projected Fuel Savings Projected RHI Projected Annual Income Annual Service Net income Projected ROI Projected Cumulative Income
1 £0.146 7,752 £1,131.78 £159.00 £2,229.26 £2,388.26 £150.000 £2,238.256 21.32% £2,388.26
2 £0.149 7,752 £1,154.42 £162.18 £2,273.84 £2,436.02 £150.000 £2,286.021 43.09% £4,824.28
3 £0.152 7,752 £1,177.51 £165.42 £2,319.32 £2,484.74 £150.000 £2,334.741 65.32% £7,309.02
4 £0.155 7,752 £1,201.06 £168.73 £2,365.70 £2,534.44 £150.000 £2,384.436 88.03% £9,843.45
5 £0.158 7,752 £1,225.08 £172.11 £2,413.02 £2,585.12 £150.000 £2,435.125 111.22% £12,428.58
6 £0.161 7,752 £1,249.58 £175.55 £2,461.28 £2,636.83 £150.000 £2,486.827 134.91% £15,065.41
7 £0.164 7,752 £1,274.57 £179.06 £2,510.50 £2,689.56 £150.000 £2,539.564 159.09% £17,754.97


Because the only emissions created by an Air Source Heat Pump are the electric required to power the compressor, you can save a huge amounts of carbon when compared to burning natural gas or oil.

With the devastating effects of climate change becoming more and more obvious, everybody should be striving for self-sufficiency. By installing a ASHP system, you will be safe in the knowledge you are contributing to a cleaner, brighter future, for everyone.


We all depend on our heating. Have you ever been without heating or hot water on a cold winter night as your boiler has broken down? Air Source Heat Pumps are well known to be “Fit and Forget” technology, once they are installed, they require little to no maintenance. Designed to have a life-span of 20 years, requiring no fuel deliveries, you can rest safe in the knowledge your home will always be warm and comfortable.

To Request a quote for your Air Source Heat Pump System, Contact Us Today.