UK thriving to make COP26 successful
After the United Nations Climate Change Conference, ended its 25th annual conference in a lost cause, many are hoping that there will not be a repeat at the conference in 10 months, as problems start to arise.
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UK thriving to make COP26 successful

UK thriving to make COP26 successful


After the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP), ended its 25th annual conference in a stalemate, many are hoping that there will not be a repeat at the conference in 10 months, as problems start to arise.

If COP26 fails to deliver, then it could mark the end of the global approach to tackling the problem.

The next climate conference will be held in Glasgow and it is thought to have placed additional pressure on UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.

Environmentalists state, they will humiliate him if he tries to lead other nations, whilst the UK is currently behind their own emission targets.

The United Nations framework convention on climate change registered a total of 26,000 people at the COP25, but estimates predict that up to 90,000 people could be expected to attend the next conference.

COP26 in November will see around 200 world leaders meet to agree a new, long term deal on rising temperatures. However,  according to Claire O’Neill, the president of COP26, the UK has “one shot” at making it a success.

In December, there was widespread dismay after countries were unsuccessful in agreeing to take more steps at the Madrid conference.

A major change will be needed to specific countries, who are actively contributing to climate change, as this can help to keep the global temperature rise under 1.5°C this century.

In the lead up to the COP26, there will be key meetings around the world. If countries can put new climate plans in place, it will improve the chances of success in Glasgow.

But some counties such as India, Brazil and Australia will need to be influenced by the UK in order to pledge and agree to a new climate deal. However, the former world bank’s special envoy on climate change, Rachel Kyte, has said that a new climate deal offers more opportunities for countries than challenges.

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