National Trust To Plant Over 20 Million Trees
The National trust has announced a plan to plant 20 million trees within the decade, the announcement comes ahead of the 125th anniversary of the trust. Responsible and dedicated to preserving the cultural heritage of a particular geographic region.
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National Trust To Plant Over 20 Million Trees

National Trust To Plant Over 20 Million Trees


The National trust has announced a plan to plant 20 million trees within the decade, the announcement comes ahead of the 125th anniversary of the trust, who are responsible and dedicated to preserving the cultural heritage of a particular geographic region.

The plan is part of efforts to achieve the UK’s target of hitting net zero by 2050, however the National Trust want to achieve this goal by 2030.

According to the organisation, the project will cost £90 million but could rise to £100 million.

What does £90-100 Million worth of tree’s look like?

In total, it would equate to 18,000 hectares of new woodland and take up an area one and a half times the size of Manchester and is the equivalent of having 42 extra Sherwood Forests, making it one of the biggest woodland expansion and tree planting projects ever undertaken in the UK, and will eventually see trees cover 44,000 acres.

Far from just planting trees, the National trust is kickstarting a year long campaign to reconnect the public to nature, including outdoor dancing and watching the scenery as the dawn breaks.

The campaign launches, as new research discovered that two thirds of people within the UK have never or almost never listened to bird song, while less than a third say they stop to admire the nature by looking at clouds and wildlife.

The charity is also looking to create green corridors for people and nature near Towns and Cities, investing £2.2 million a week to preserve restore nature.

Future projects by the National trust include the world-famous Rotunda at Ickworth House, park and gardens in Suffolk, which is having it’s domed roof repaired and will display a unique commissioned art work later in the year.

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