Love Meat, But Want to Fight Climate Change without the guilt?
If you love your steaks and want to fight climate change, switching your homes heating could make the ultimate difference.
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Love Meat, But Want to Fight Climate Change without the guilt?

Love Meat, But Want to Fight Climate Change without the guilt?

If you love you’re steaks and want to fight climate change, switching your homes heating to an Air Source or Ground Source Heat Pump can fight climate change and make a credible change against greenhouse gases.

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Today UN Experts have said that, switching to a plant-based diet can help fight climate change.

Scientists and officials from the UN have released a major report on climate change and land use, which states that the West’s high consumption of meat and dairy produce is fuelling global warming.

The report doesn’t explicitly state that everyone should become a vegetarian or a vegan. But it certainly provides food for thought. If land is used more effectively, more people could be fed using less land and that spare land could be used to store more carbon emitted by humans.

So why should you reduce your meat intake when, as a figure agriculture and food production generate 9% of all greenhouse gas emissions in the UK*. It goes without saying that, humans as a whole must and can do more to combat industrial farming and increase welfare standards in the agricultural industry. As the correlation between aggressive industrialised farming and climate change mixed with rapid global temperature rises and more extreme weather will no doubt have an impact on crops, livestock and the earth as a whole.

The Agricultural industry can and could be more proactive to be more renewable with simple changes for example, harvesting roof space for solar panels to power equipment and machinery alongside battery storage or Installing Heat Pumps to generate heating within their homes compared to oil or other conventional fuel sources. As profit margins on farms are squeezed they must look to a more sustainable business model.

But the biggest issue facing the UK’s Greenhouse gas emissions is the fact that almost half of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions are from energy used to generate heat**. That requires more direct action!


It is relatively easier for consumers to change their diets and habits, with any change in emissions slowly coming to fruition. The elephant in the room is that heating is the biggest contributor not agriculture. Only by installing a Renewable Heat Pump will you actively contribute to fighting climate change, regardless of the argument that your energy provider offsets your usage. The fact remains that your still burning fossil fuels to actually heat your home. This is an issue that homeowners must take responsibility for and actively change, it isn’t as simple as passing the problem on to someone else.



* FCRN greenhouse gas report

**UK Carbon Plan 17 Nov 2018

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