Hero gets behind International Women’s Day
Hero Renewables has joined the Celebrations on international woman’s day on the 8th March.
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Hero gets behind International Women’s Day

Hero gets behind International Women’s Day

The Hero Team, gets behind the Balance For Better Pledges

Hero Renewables has joined the Celebrations on International Women’s day.

The global event which is well over a century old, continues to grow yearly. With the significant contributions made by woman across of sectors of business, finance, science and technology at the forefront.

This year’s International Women’s Day themes are to create a balanced word where men and woman are equal and by doing that make a better world. International women’s day is not about the rise of woman and the fall of men, it is about how everyone as an individual can play a role in forging gender parity.

The national head office of Hero Renewables has been located in Middlewich since 2015, led by managing director Jill Oldham, they aim to be market leaders in Renewable Energy generation and break the nations addiction to fossil fuels by offering reliable, consistent green energy options to domestic and commercial users.

Hero MD Jill Oldham - Balance for Better

Hero Renewables Managing Director Jill Oldham said,” We are fortunate in the United Kingdom that gender disparity is slowly and surely becoming a thing of the past, however until it’s been completely eradicated, we must continue to shout from where ever we are. Ability is what matters in 2019. International woman’s day is about inspiring the next generation of women, and showing them, there is no glass ceiling. Stand up, take part and become a voice for change. In My eyes every woman is a Hero.”

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