Energy Price Rises Are Coming
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Energy Price Rises Are Coming

Energy Price Rises Are Coming

Today Ofgem announced that the Energy price cap designed to protect consumers is set to add £117* to bills to millions of households.

This price increase sounds another death bell to fossil fuels and energy provided from the main suppliers. Hitting householders where it hurts the most, the Wallet!

As Householders continually face the rising cost of yearly heating bills and more people are pushed into fuel poverty, simply changing energy providers each year will soon become very tiring and boring.


The new default pricing caps (

Installing a renewable energy source from Hero Renewables will provide you with the long-term reassurance many householders are craving. Whether that is adding to your existing Solar PV system with a home battery system, which store your unused energy from the day, or installing an Air or Ground Source Heat Pump to reduce your energy bills.

Becoming energy independent is easily done instead of relying on fuel deliveries or unstable gas prices, as a Ground or Air Source Heat Pump relies solely on electricity to run. Therefore, by generating electricity from solar panels and/or being savvy about your electricity supplier, you can power your home almost solely from renewables, without breaking the bank! You can rest assured that a volatile fossil fuel market is a thing of the past.

To start your energy independent journey with Hero, send us a message for a free no obligation assessment. Take control of your energy usage with the help of Hero Renewables.


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