Hero Renewables | How can I beat the British Gas price hike?
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How can I beat the British Gas price hike?


How can I beat the British Gas price hike?

Energy prices are on the rise, and it’s only the beginning.

British Gas announced they will be increasing electricity prices by 12.5% from September, adding around £76 onto the annual electricity bills for over 3 million customers.

But not to worry, if you are concerned about the increase there are a variety of ways that you can beat the system. Let us tell you how…

Switch provider annually

Constantly keeping ahead of the game and being savvy with your bills can be seen as a chore, but when there’s plenty of money to be saved, why wouldn’t you? Which have put together a great guide for anyone who is uncertain how to switch which can be found here: Guide to switching Energy Provider

Become energy wise

There are plenty of ways to monitor your electricity usage, typically hardware to do this will cost you around £20. Once you have found  your household “energy vampires” that are sucking all the electricity and putting your bills up, small lifestyle changes can end up saving you huge amounts over the course of the year, whether it be by installing smart plugs to avoid devices using electricity whilst in standby mode, or even timing your dishwasher/washing machine to come on over night making the most of off-peak tariffs.

Install Renewable Energy!

Technologies like Solar Panels and Battery Storage are now readily available for purchase, a typical 4kW (16 panel) solar panel system will cost you in the region of £4500-£7000 paying back in around 8-10 years. With Government incentives such as the Feed-In Tariff still available to claim for 20 years, you can protect against current and future energy prices by generating your own electricity. With the recent announcements from the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, battery storage is set play a key part in the future of energy in the UK. By decentralising energy and reducing demand in peak hours, households and businesses with solar panels and batteries installed are set to receive further support by the Government. As batteries can also be charged overnight whilst electricity prices are cheaper, we have calculated this could save an additional £300+ per year, on top of savings from solar panels and payments through incentives!

If you would like to find out whether you are in the position to save money by installing renewable technologies, get in contact with our team today on 0808 222 0 111, or email us at info@herorenewables.co.uk


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