Hero Renewables generates your future, by harnessing Renewable energy source, we offer award winning custom design, supply, installation and support for your Renewable energy solutions.
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Do you have a project you’d like to talk to us about?

Welcome To HERO Renewables

We are a national, award winning Renewable Energy company enabling business and communities to aid the UK’s transition to a green economy.

If you have any questions, or wish to talk to us about your project, call us free on:

0808 222 0 111

Renewable Energy For Homes

For Your Home

Generating your own energy, instead of using fossil fuels and electricity from the grid, will not only reduce your carbon footprint and make you eligible for lucrative government incentives. It will also mean you’re much less dependant on conventional energy and their ever increasing prices.

Commercial Renewable Energy Installations

For Your Business

As far as business investments go, Renewable Energy technologies are hard to beat. Companies in the UK are always looking to reduce costs and increase turnover. Installing renewable energy is a fantastic way to improve your company’s green credentials, protect yourself from rising energy costs and invest in our future. Plus with current government incentives such as the RHI and the FIT, your business has the comfort of a considerable income stream guaranteed for 20 years.

Public Sector Renewable Energy

For The Public Sector

In today’s current economic climate, new budget cuts are increasing the pressure being placed on the public sector to reduce costs. More and more public sector organisations are turning to renewable energy to relieve themselves of ever increasing energy prices, and to secure a revenue stream that can be re-invested back into your organisation.

Building Your Dream Home?

Getting HERO involved at the beginning of your project is the best way of ensuring your new dream home is incredibly energy efficient and as cost effective as possible.

With new properties having fantastic insulation and already being incredibly energy efficient, and with 0% VAT being charged on Renewable Energy installations for new build projects, there really is never a better time to consider Renewable Energy for your new home.

Call the experts at Hero Renewables to discuss your project today. We are always available for friendly help and advice whether you purchase your system from us or not.


Current Domestic RHI Tariff Rates


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Air Source Heat Pumps

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Biomass Boilers

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Ground Source Heat Pumps

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Solar Thermal


0% Finance Now Available on All Renewable Systems*